“The Maury Island Incident” Film

Based on declassified FBI documents, “The Maury Island Incident” film tells the incredible, tragic, and forgotten story of Harold Dahl, who on June 21, 1947, alleged a UFO sighting over Puget Sound, WA, sparking ‘the summer of the saucers,’ the modern era of UFO obsession, the first appearance of ‘Men in Black’ and a governmental battle over UFO sighting jurisdiction reaching directly to FBI Executive Director J. Edgar Hoover.

Our award-winning film is available to view online:

Download the historic Aug. 19, 1947 ‘Agent Wilcox Memo’ here

WA State Senate passes ‘Maury Island Incident’ Resolution:
On April 17, 2017, the WA State Senate passed Resolution #8648, recognizing the 70th anniversary of The Maury Island Incident!View it here.